Adding code coverage to Java Maven project

What code coverage tools to people use out there? Java Code Coverage I’ve recently added code coverage to a Java Maven project and ended up choosing Jacoco, partly due to it’s ease of use, being opensource and easily integrated with Jenkins To get things up and running was fairly simple, added the following to the […]

.NET C# Ignore Timezone in ISO date

Recently at work I had the need to be able to get a DateTime object from an ISO formatted date time string, without .NET automatically adjusting for the timezone the client was in. For example, an ISO date string of ‘2020-11-05T08:15:30+03:00’, I needed a date time object containing 08:15:30, not the adjusted time of 11:15:30. […]

.NET XML Serialization – Security Issue

Following a recent application security review at work on an older application still using .NET 2.0, it was discovered that using the standard XMLSerialization mechanisms in C# .NET results in a security issue as when the code is run it generates .cs code files on the fly (and removing them when completed). You can see […]

Json Formatter

Json Formatter Recently at work I’ve been working on REST web services returning JSON formatted text. I was looking for a simple formatter written in C# to display the results and found this on the web. It works a treat, so I thought I’d share – cheers!

C# In Depth – Jon Skeet

Just a quick post to recommend this book; C# In Depth by Jon Skeet. I read it a while ago and recently returned to it as a refresher. Excellent book, brillant writing style. If you develop using C# and have not given it a read you should.